12 Reasons why evolution is a lie

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Evolutionary theory (not fact I might add) is of the opinion that we developed from a primordial protozoa; merely an algae or amoebae from a water pool. Evolutionists claim that, “over millions and millions of years,” man developed from an algae over a series of transformational events into the sophisticated human beings you see walking around today. In a nutshell they suggest the algae grew an eye, and then became a fish, which then became a mammal, then an ape and finally became man in his glorious form. Basically, their premise is that we evolved from ‘molecule to man’ or ‘particle to person’. This is known as ‘macro-evolutionary theory.’ Despite much evidence for ‘micro-evolution’ within the animal kingdom, there is no evidence of ‘macro-evolution’ whatsoever, as many evolutionists would have us believe. However, macro-evolution is indeed the platform from which their deceptive theory of evolution is spearheaded.” – Pastor Carl

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