America Under Attack

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“America is under attack…I repeat America is under attack but not from missiles or tanks or by air or sea…No, this attack is happening under the radar, subversive, clandestine, by stealth, in the hush of night under ‘cloak and dagger,’ with its sole aim, to strip us of our God given liberties by introducing a socialistic agenda that will be the vehicle to bring in a New World Order. You see under President Obama, his socialistic agenda was trucking along nicely for eight straight years until it finally crashed headlong into the brick wall of Donald Trump’s presidency. As you know, America is the last bastion of freedom that stands in the way of a sinister and subversive Globalist agenda. Their desire is to create a ruling oligarchy from the top down and akin to the old feudal system outlined by the Fabian Society. America has long been the spear that sticks in the eye of globalist domination and right now President Donald Trump is the tip of that spear. People commonly think that during times of war that nations are their most vulnerable yet what is often overlooked is that during peace time, when our guard is down, we are potentially the most exposed to nefarious internal forces that seek to corrupt the nation and its highest office. It’s during peacetime that our enemies try to strip us of that which has been gained from the spoils of victory, when no-one’s paying close attention.” – Pastor Carl

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