An Introduction to Prayer

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Prayer by definition is ‘having a dialogue with God,’ not a monologue and the reason I say dialogue is because the basis of prayer is communication and that works ‘both’ ways. Often times we have a monologue with God, spouting all our cares, concerns, needs and desires, but it’s imperative that we take time to listen as well as talk, when we pray. In its purest form one could say that prayer is simply ‘talking to God.’ Our Heavenly Father is the ultimate authority in the universe and He is the one whom we seek in prayer. Because He is a just God, He needs permission to move in our lives. If He moved without permission, He would be a ‘usurper’ or ‘subjugator,’ and He is neither. Satan in contrast is a usurper; he oppresses by force, without permission. God however is a gentleman and requires permission to move. This is why the bible speaks about ‘asking’, ‘seeking’ and ‘knocking’ (Mt 7:7, Lk 11:9).” – Pastor Carl

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