Are curses real?

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“When most people think of curses, they think of fantasy, something that isn’t real. Perhaps Harry Potter comes to mind or maybe it’s something that only people with ‘pointy hats’ and ‘black cats’ are involved in. To our westernized mindset, rooted in Greek culture, curses are merely for ‘superstitious folk’ or the ignorant but not for sophisticates who order ‘Chai Lattes’ and don’t spare the ‘double shot.’ But the truth is that curses are very real because the Bible says they are. Not only that, we know from Scripture that invisible forces exist, blind to the naked eye, working behind the scenes for both good and evil. There are several dimensionalities all around us in which both angels and demons reside. The Apostle Paul provides key insight to these dimensionalities in his Epistles and we will study them today” – Pastor Carl

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