Are you a worrier?

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Friend, let me ask you, are you a worrier? Do you worry often? Are you always thinking about tomorrow and regretting the things of yesterday?

Let me share some alarming facts and statistics with you about worry and the potential damage it might be having upon your psyche and ultimately your physical body. Now, according to the medical journals, 1 in 20 of us suffer from generalized anxiety order at some stage in our life and what’s interesting is that anxiety does not discriminate by age but can manifest itself in multiple ways in either gender or any race. In a recent study it found that as baby boomers get older, 66% worry about gaining weight, 30% worry about losing hair, 28% worry about getting facial wrinkles and 24% worry about getting gray hair. What’s not commonly known to most people however is the hormonal effect, worry can have on the body.” – Pastor Carl

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