Are you handed over to the tormentors?

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Let me ask you this, have you been handed over to the tormentors?…Doesn’t sound like fun does it? What an odd question you might ask, and who are these tormentors anyway? Well the Gospels have the answer and especially the Gospel of Matthew. Here’s the deal, if you’re lacking joy and peace in your life for sustained periods of weeks, months or even years, then there’s something wrong with your Christian walk friend! Evidently you’re not experiencing the abundant, joyful ‘zoë’ life that Christ provided for you, when He died on the cross and rose again. It’s not the normal condition of a ‘Spirit filled Christian,’ to just mope around in life, from one day to the next, feeling down in the dumps and full of angst. This should not be the ‘status quo’ for us. Satan could be robbing your ‘joy’ and it’s time to take it back! And why not during this broadcast? In fact I suggest you could be under demonic spiritual attack or ‘oppression’ as it’s called, without realizing it because of the legal grounds you’ve given Satan in the spiritual realm by giving him place (Eph 4:27).” – Pastor Carl

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