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“The title of this podcast might seem strange at first but I’ve thought at length recently about the importance of both establishing and enforcing boundaries in our lives. Now in order to be successful according to God’s definition (as the book of Proverbs attests especially), then we need to be practitioners of both discipline and diligence. Diligent to oversee and manage the various possessions we might own and the requisite maintenance for each vehicle we drive, for example. And diligent to watch over our families and perhaps the internet usage of our teenagers…need I say more. Diligent to do our part in the workplace by not cutting corners but going the extra mile when and where an opportunity arises. We also need to be disciplined in the areas of health, physical exercise, moral restraint, financial affairs and the various other components that go to make up the fabric of our everyday life. Yet I consider establishing boundaries as an important marker of success, especially in relationships and an essential aspect of discipline that often gets overlooked. In fact, these boundaries are mentioned in the Bible.” – Pastor Carl

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