Can my prayers be hindered?

Is it possible to limit God in the way we pray and/or believe? Are there some things that God cannot do? In this short teaching Pastor Carl reveals several hindrances to prayer. In His Logos Word God has outlined the way we are to approach Him when we petition. If we are ignorant of these stipulations, we may not receive because we must adapt to His methods and put aside our own. Watch this teaching to gain the spiritual breakthrough you desire in prayer!

Why Should I Say Thank You?

Pastor Carl reveals one of the most profound examples of giving thanks in Scripture and the wonderful consequences of doing so. We often neglect thanksgiving as an important aspect of our Christian walk. In this short teaching you will discover that ‘giving thanks’ to God should be an integral aspect of our faith and that doing so can lead to the miraculous manifestation of God’s Power in your life. WATCH NOW.

How do I know God is good?

Pastor Carl from Denver House of Prayer Church reveals the struggle that many of us have regarding the Goodness of God, in light of Scripture. We know Jesus was “Good” but what about our Heavenly Father?

How to hear the voice of God?

Pastor Carl from Denver House of Prayer church shares key insights into hearing the voice of God for daily application. Six key areas are covered in this short video ranging from listening for the still small voice to following your inner witness.