Daniel Chapter 8 – ‘Antiochus Epiphanes’

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Today we’ll continue our study with Daniel chapter 8 specifically. Now, because of the accuracy of Daniel’s visions coming to pass, it has caused several liberals scholars to claim the Book of Daniel is a complete forgery. They claim it was written in about the second century AD because they postulate anyone accurately predicting future world empires is simply impossible! However, God sealed up a time capsule to prove the Book of Daniel to be accurate by allowing the ‘Qumran’ or ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ to be discovered in 1946. In these scrolls, a complete copy of the Book of Daniel was found, containing the very predictions that exactly match the writings of Daniel, found within the pages of our King James Bible. This threw a ‘wrench in the works’ and liberal scholars had no defense against this monumental discovery of historically accurate parchments, proving once and for all, the prophecies of Daniel in the 6th century BC, not only came to pass exactly as he predicted but the sequence of empires was precise also. ” – Pastor Carl

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