Daniel’s 70th Week

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Now regarding this strange term, ‘Daniels 70th week,’ what on earth does it all mean? Well let’s remind ourselves of a bit of history. Remember when Israel fell to disobedience and was later exiled by the Babylonian Empire? Few realize, this exile was forewarned by the prophets Jeremiah and Isaiah. Our God is a merciful God and He gives us plenty of warning when He’s going to judge us. Israel unfortunately had repeatedly forsaken their God and whenever anyone does so, only negative consequences can ensue. So what did the prophet Daniel do when he realized these prophecies of Jeremiah and Isaiah, were about to come to pass? He started to pray, as anyone would and basically Daniel chapter nine documents Daniels travail and intercessory prayer for his beloved but rebellious nation of Israel. One of the answers the Lord provided Daniel from His throne was the precise day the Messiah would be ‘cut off’ or crucified. Do you want to find out that day? If so, stay tuned and I will reveal Daniels accurate prophecies of the coming Messiah.” – Pastor Carl

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