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“When I was in Bible College, several years back now, I felt a strong urge after going on a retreat in the Ozark Mountains that one day I would start a church within the Downtown Denver city limits and this desire has never waned. Now Downtown Denver has been a tough nut to crack for many Spirit filled churches down the years, trying to make a lasting impact in the city. When Denver went from boom to bust in the oil price slump of 1986, many churches left the city and never returned. Back in the day many vibrant denominational churches simply closed their doors and shut up shop, leaving only cathedrals. However since the turn of this century Denver has been in a steady and progressive boom cycle with the downtown area experiencing enormous investiture and architectural renewal that we can all admire. However, I don’t believe the spiritual needs of this city have been catered for in proportion with this explosive measure of economic and architectural growth.” – Pastor Carl

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