Disturbing Trends

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“This podcast will review some of the most disturbing trends in our society today. Now whenever we desire to predict the future in science, engineering or culture for that matter, we often observe ‘trends.’ If we look that word ‘trend’ up in the dictionary, it means ‘to veer in a new direction,’ or ‘to extend in a general direction,’…But friend, are you not simply alarmed at some of the trends we see in culture today? Even in the past decade, seemingly the moral restraints have been ‘cast off’ and we’re headed in a direction that can only end up in a societal car wreck, if we don’t put the brakes on fast. There are trends in the moral realm, in the economy, in the weather, in fashion, disease, crime, social media, geopolitics, consumer spending, education, and a whole host of others that go to make up the very fabric of our existence. One of the trends I see unfortunately is an ‘apostasy’ or ‘moving away from core values’ upon which most Christian denominations were founded and our Judeo-Christian society as a whole. I believe this to be in direct correlation with the abandonment of God’s word which is the underlying foundation of our society. Right now, we are now reaping the seeds sown in the 1960’s in particular, when prayer was taken out of schools in tandem with the explosion of the sex, drugs and rock n ‘roll culture.” – Pastor Carl

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