Giants in the Land

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“The information I’m about to share with you today could be considered controversial within some circles but it’s the truth nonetheless. Remember what I told you before ‘no topic is off the table’ here at DHOP. We will not shy away from truths long held in the ‘Oracles of God’ and recently corroborated by notable historical manuscripts, found within the Dead Sea Scrolls. Having scoured the Old and New Testaments, the writings of the Early Church Fathers, the book of Enoch and several other historical texts, I’m going to reveal to you today, the precise Genesis of ‘the Giants’ or ‘mighty men of renown,’ in the ancient land of Israel and its surrounding nations. However not only that, were you aware there were giants discovered in numerous burial mounds within this nation also? And President Lincoln spoke of them? This is hard for many to fathom, albeit these mounds and the accompanying discovery of gigantic bones within them, have been well documented for the last 150 years within many local newspapers in the USA.” – Pastor Carl

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