Hell is Real

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Now did you know that about 13% of all that Jesus spoke was about Hell. In 2003 the Barna research group conducted a survey and found that 76% of Americans believe in Heaven but less than 13% believed in a literal Hell. What’s even more disturbing is less than one half one percent believed they were actually going to Hell. Friend, society today has become hoodwinked as to the reality of Hell. In fact the reality of Hell throughout the ages has been a certainty in the hearts of men until the latter part of the 19th century, when for the first time an alternative world view was presented by Charles Darwin and contrary to man’s common consensus of Hells existence…. Have you ventured into a graveyard lately? One day your name too will be etched on stone friend, and your physical body will lie in a grave but the real you on the inside, your spirit-man and soul, will spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell.” – Pastor Carl

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