Historical events in the Bible – Daniel Chapter 2

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“There’s no better way to witness to our friends, family and colleagues than to reveal to them that history is written in the bible… in advance! Yes I said it, God wrote historical events in advance, having full knowledge of their outcome, whether they be battles, empires, kings that would rise and fall, or even the rise, fall and rebirth of the nation of Israel itself. Think about it, if we compare Jehovah God, Jesus Christ to the pantheon of other false Gods, none of these ‘false Gods’ or ‘prophetic pretenders’ foretold events like our God does in His Word. In some cases these prophecies were given, hundreds of years prior to their realization. That’s why the Holy Bible is unique among all other religious writings because it houses the truth written by a God, living outside our space-time continuum, who’s ‘ever present,’ ‘all seeing,’ ‘all powerful’ and ‘all knowing.’ Today we will study Daniel Chapter 2 and King Nebuchadnezzar’s metallic statue.” – Pastor Carl

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