Is God Sovereign?

Here’s a snippet from the recording:

“Where the rubber meets the road in the discussion of sovereignty is where exactly are the boundaries of God’s jurisdiction and where does the role of human responsibility come in? The Prophet Daniel describes a day in the future when the Son of Man will ride upon the clouds and receive all authority, glory and a kingdom (Dan 7:13-14). The implication of course is that not all glory and authority are in His hands presently.

When the seventh angel sounds, “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign forever and ever“(Rev 11:15). This clearly demonstrates not all kingdoms are currently in the Lords possession but His total dominion or theocracy will be a future event occurring in the millennial reign after Satan has been cast out of the second heaven (Rev 12:9). However during this specific epoch of time, the church age, God can still influence rulers and that is not in question. Although Satan may be called the ruler, prince or god of this world (little g), the final outcome is still in God’s hands albeit not necessarily in all the details. Indeed, it’s the Lord God who holds the ultimate say in geopolitics and the extent of empires but this does not negate the numerous choices man has made along the way to forge these empires. Herein lies the tension between what extent God’s sovereignty encroaches upon man’s free will and where exactly that encroachment ends.”

– Pastor Carl


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