Listen to your heart

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“If there’s one thing I want you to do this year… that is to listen to your heart. You know one of the most tragic things that can happen in a Christians life is going through the ‘day to day’ grind, but never discovering the real purpose of why God put you on this earth. Just because you’re born again or even Spirit filled, doesn’t mean you’re going to fulfill the calling God has for you, unless you purposely seek out and discover God’s plan for yourself. Hebrews chapter twelve reveals there’s a specific ‘race’ that is set before you, that only you can run. I can’t run your race for you; neither can you run my race. I truly believe that learning to be led by the Holy Spirit in line with God’s word is the most important lesson we can learn in this lifetime and you need to learn it friend, in order to live out your purpose. By listening to your heart, you will better be able to navigate the course God has for you, but oftentimes we ignore our heart and ‘keep on plodding along’, much to our detriment.” – Pastor Carl

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