Missions Spotlight

The Denver House of Prayer believes in the impact of missionaries around the world and wants to showcase impactful and committed causes in a visible way. Thus, the “Missions Spotlight” section of our website was born. In this area, we will focus on the ministries we sponsor.

Ministry Spotlight

Triumphant Ministries International: Rick and Angie Johnson

The people of Myanmar have been denied education, resources and the basic human rights that we take for granted.

For decades, these people have been under military rule and trapped by political oppression. These social injustices have enabled human trafficking, child labor, and the drug trade to thrive. Our experience in this area is that the catalyst for change is education.

Myanmar/Burma is currently at the start of a dynamic political and economic shift. We believe the time to act is now. Our plan is to equip young people with basic vocational skills, provide money management education, and facilitate instruction on business principles and ethics.

Triumphant Ministries International has a 3D (Demonstrate, Develop and Distribute) approach to effectively sharing the love of Christ with the world.


At Triumphant Ministries International, we Demonstrate the love of God through strategically planned evangelistic outreaches. We reach out to children, youth and adults alike, and always work in cooperation with local churches or bible schools. We also realize the importance of follow up with those new to the faith and we make every assurance that they continue to have guidance after we leave.


We Develop people’s lives through micro-enterprise. We give them the tools needed to start a small business with little to no investment required. These businesses help in the fight against poverty. As jobs are created they are able to become more self-sufficient and improve their lives. We are not only giving them a fish but we are also teaching them how to fish, which ultimately helps them contribute to their own economies.


The Distribution of humanitarian aid is a key part of our ministry. Whether it is tons of rice, chicken, apples, fresh drinking water or the most basic things we take for granted such as a bath towel or comb our goal is to make sure even the most basic needs are met.


Rick and Angela have shared international ministry from the refugee camps of Nepal, to the war zones of Burma. Since the beginning of their ministry they have successfully ministered to every race and major religious group. Here at home in the United States, they minister to the children in their local church, to the inmates, and to the homeless. Their real life experiences help them bring a balanced approach to ministry for young and old alike. Rick and Angela have become apathetic to religion and are more interested in each individual having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This understanding helps them remain sensitive and flexible in communicating this gospel message.

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