My Take on Fasting

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“The purpose of fasting is to dissipate the power of the flesh and so that we become more sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. As you fast, certain bad habits or strongholds can weaken and your spirit man will rise up in strength. I sincerely believe in fasting and I have a personal affinity for it because it’s how I came to the Lord. Back in the last century I went on an extended juice fast for 28 days and during that time, I came to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That is still the longest I’ve ever fasted at one time, although numerous times I’ve fasted for a day, 3 days, 7 days and even ten days every year. It’s a testimony I will share at another time, suffice to say, during that period it was as if I came to a deeper realization that there was more to life than just the attainment of riches and success.” – Pastor Carl

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