Noah’s Flood

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Noah’s flood was real; hands down it was a fact, not a ‘story’ as many secularists often couch it. What you really believe that Pastor? I mean come on eight people get on a boat with a whole bunch of animals for 370 days, are you kidding me? Well, 1st Peter 3:20 reveals categorically that eight people did indeed board the ark and God’s word is true no matter what the critics might say. Yes friend, there are boats far larger and heavier than Noah’s Ark sailing the oceans today. They also take advantage of God’s ideal ‘length to breadth ratio’ of 6.5 times as long as wide, being the optimum choice for the buoyancy of vessels, as Noah’s ark demonstrated. Noah’s global flood was most assuredly an historical event and the fossil record ‘shouts’ and ‘screams’ of an archaic, cataclysmic and worldwide deluge. But believe it or not, there are even some Christians who don’t believe Noah’s flood was real either. So I’m going to clear up some of these doubts in this broadcast today.” – Pastor Carl

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