Noah’s Flood

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Friend, let me begin by stating that in 500 cultures around the world, each and every one of them has an historical account of a flood and these are independent records I might add.

I will name a few of them for you in a moment. But what does the National Geographic Magazine have to say about Noah’s flood? Well in the article,” Ballard and The Black Sea: The Search for Noah’s Flood”, they wrote and I quote, “Almost every culture on Earth includes an ancient flood story. Details vary, but the basic plot is the same: The Deluge kills all but a lucky few….. In fact friend if we go down the list, we find there are 35 nations which have intricate historical records of worldwide floods under many different names, including: – China, Babylon, Wales, Russia, India, America, Hawaii, Scandinavia, Sumatra, Peru, and Polynesia all having their own versions of a great flood.” – Pastor Carl

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