Purge Yourself

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Your faith won’t go further than your understanding of God’s word. An absence of knowledge about a subject in the bible leads to doubt. Once you have a ‘hint of doubt’, then your ability to believe in God’s promises will be hindered in some way. Once you understand God’s word, your faith will rise in the glorious God we serve and your doubt will dissipate rapidly. Once you have understanding, you’ll better be able to trust God for specific areas in your life. Friend, a faith that’s not practical is no faith at all. We need to make sure the promises of God leap from the pages of our bibles and into our hearts. Once His word abides within us, we may better appropriate these promises in our lives. When the word of God abides in you, get ready to see God move powerfully in your life (John 15:7). ” – Pastor Carl

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