Radical Islam

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Does the Quran which millions of Muslims hold dear and even on par with the Bible in their eyes, actually teach ‘love, peace and harmony’ with other religions? Or are these so called ‘Islamic extremists’ we see on television, actually carrying out the literal instructions of the prophet Muhammad? Could the people who performed the recent terror attacks all across Europe, really be ‘extremists’ or merely compliant with the written instructions and commands of Muhammad? Are they in fact justified in their beliefs by killing innocent men, women and children who aren’t followers of Allah? And where exactly does it command this outrageous behavior in their writings?…This is a very dangerous broadcast because if I were proclaiming this message on the internet or in my homeland of Great Britain, it would most assuredly be ‘censored’ or even labeled ‘hate speech’ by our politically correct media. Nonetheless, it’s my job as a Pastor to tell you the truth, regardless of the consequences and that’s what I’m going to do in this broadcast.” – Pastor Carl

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