Commencing January 2, 2017, Pastor Carl will begin radio teachings on KLTT 670 AM every Monday through Friday at 4:45 pm. This 15 minute segment is called Reigning in Righteousness. You’re invited to tune in!

Radio ministry provides a unique opportunity to reach more of God’s people in order to train, equip and empower them in the knowledge of their righteousness and demonstration of God’s power.

‘No topic is off the table’ in this radio segment. Topics include living the abundant life, fruits and gifts of Holy Spirit, the joy of the Lord, false cults, the power of Holy Spirit, faith principles, issues of the heart and many more. Please reach out via the Contact page if there is a specific topic you want covered or if you have a question you want answered. We would love to hear from you.

The mighty 670 AM KLTT has long been recognized as the premier Christian radio station for teaching God’s word in the heartland of the United States. This broadcast signal reaches Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico and Colorado.

Come join Pastor Carl on the radio or online at KLTT’s website weekdays (every Monday through Friday at 4:45 pm) for an exciting, life changing word!

If you are touched by this ministry and want to support our team in spreading this message, please support either financially online or through prayer.