We’ve compiled a list of some of the compelling ministries that we visit regularly for their excellent resources below.

Recommended Links

Bible Gateway
Excellent reference tool containing numerous Bible translations. Word search capability for literally everyday modern translation and known languages.


Blue Letter Bible
Great site for any kind of Bible Study, including Concordances, Lexicons, numerous Bible Translations.


International Pentecostal Holiness Church
DHOP is proud to be a part of this denomination, rooted in a tradition of missionary support and the spread of the Gospel, throughout the centuries.


Rhema Church
Founded by Prophet and Teacher Brother Kenneth E. Hagin and expanded upon by Kenneth W. Hagin’s successful leadership, this Bible Training Center has over 100 locations worldwide (and growing).


Southwestern Christian University
This serves as the Educational center and Seminary for the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. Based in Bethany, Oklahoma it now provides satellite courses for deeper knowledge of God’s word.


Oral Roberts University
A renowned university within Christian circles that offers a wide range of career foundations, in preparation for ministry or the business realm.


Triumphant Ministries International
Rick and Angie Johnson (Tulsa, OK) show the heart of Jesus by taking his love and kindness to some of the most impoverished parts of the world. They have ongoing, exciting missionary trips to take part in.


New Life World Outreach
Pastor Chris brings the anointed word in Birmingham, Alabama. A Rhema graduate and worldwide missionary, he has a heart for the Lord and leading people to their destiny in Christ.


Transform DJ’s
An alternative ministry that powerfully impacts the youth for Christ. They utilize the DJ platform to reach people in the club world primarily.

Perry Stone
Perry Stone brings a powerful word. A highly educated biblical scholar, whose ministry has seen countless people Baptized in the Holy Spirit at his meetings. He focuses on our Hebraic roots.


Hal Lindsey
Has his heartbeat on current events and how they align with God’s word. Shows fresh insight, looking through the lens of a Christian worldview and how events align with end time scriptures.


Sid Roth
A Messianic Jew, saved at the brink of suicide, after he lost it all. Sid’s television show is very popular and shares powerful testimonies of Gods move in the earth today.