Scriptures often taken out of context

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Our focus in this podcast is one of the most important aspects of studying God’s word and that is keeping scriptural verses within their proper context. By doing so we avoid misinterpreting key elements of God’s word and better glean the true message that God’s purveying in His Holy Writ. This contextual framework is something you should definitely consider in your own private devotional time because if you don’t, then it’s possible to come away with the wrong understanding from the scriptural passage in question. If you attend any Bible college or receive any kind of theological training then naturally a course on ‘hermeneutics’ is standard procedure for most students. Hermeneutics covers the methodological principles of the interpretation of any document and in our case that would be the Holy Bible. One of the primary laws of Bible interpretation is to determine the plain and evident meaning intended by the author, and that would be God in our case. Therefore, isolated scriptures that go against the general character of God warrant further study. As I’ve said multiple times before, “if the plain sense of the scripture makes sense, then seek no other sense.” Yet, in times past, foolish men have allegorized entire books of the Bible, alluding to a deeper ‘hidden’ meaning that simply doesn’t exist. In doing so, they’ve stripped God’s word of its literal meaning and led men down a path of confusion, despair and disillusionment.” – Pastor Carl

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