Seated in Heavenly Places

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“In our discussion on authority in the past several days, it’s important to understand the context of scripture and what exactly we have authority over. We don’t have authority outside of the authority God has granted to us in scripture. For example we don’t have authority over other people…We do have authority however, over the devil and demon forces! In our secular society of course most people will quip, “who cares? I aint never seen a demon yet and never will!” What’s often overlooked however is that we in ‘the west’ are often blind to the supernatural realm or fail to even acknowledge it. I would also stress that the occurrence of demonic activity is likely to be less in these last days compared to the times of Jesus because if the number of demons are fixed throughout history, and the population of the earth is rapidly increasing, then demonic oppression per person is diminishing. But regardless of your theological stance, Christ has granted us jurisdiction over these nefarious spirits that in some cases can cause us problems nonetheless.” – Pastor Carl

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