Stories of Healing

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“God is equipping the saints (that’s you), through the fivefold ministerial offices (Eph 4:11), so you will be ready when God asks you to move by faith. So let me begin now by sharing several real life testimonies of how God used me, when I first became ‘born again.’ The first testimony concerns the miraculous healing of cancer. I have a dear friend from Stafford, Texas called Dolores. Now I befriended this lady and her wonderful husband Roel, who’s a godly man, whilst living in Houston, Texas in the early 2000’s. Anyway when I mentioned in a previous broadcast of the time when I prayed for the lady with the brain tumor at a nearby food pantry, Dolores was by my side. She was volunteering that very same day and she’s a great woman of faith. Now during 2003, Roel’s sister Linda, was unfortunately diagnosed with Cancer of the lymph-nodes and she chose not to do chemotherapy. She was also a practicing Catholic but unfortunately her local priest was not willing to pray for her to receive healing or didn’t believe the Lord could move in that regard today. So that’s when myself and Dolores offered to pray for her.” – Pastor Carl

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