Stories of Healing

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“I’ve spent the last nine broadcasts expounding upon the nine gifts of the Spirit and I hope you’ve learned something about these gifts in our short time together. I thought it would be a good idea now to share some of my personal experiences down the years, whilst operating in ‘the gifts of healing’ particularly, because testimonies are so powerful. What I’m about to share with you are actual accounts of times when the Lord has moved in my life and I never take these testimonies for granted. I will also say up front, that I never intended to be utilized by any spiritual ‘gift’; I simply went about my business in faith and took advantage of the opportunities presented to me. I must point out firstly, that all fivefold ministers are granted to the Body of Christ to equip the saints, and it’s the saints (not the ministerial offices), who are God’s primary choice for moving according to His will, because we saints greatly outnumber these ministerial offices.” – Pastor Carl

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