Surveillance Society

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Like it or not; you are living in a surveillance society and one that you may not be even aware of. Someone once said, that “privacy is the foundation of a free society,” and if that’s a true statement (and I believe it is), then our society is rapidly losing its freedom and showing no signs of abating. Freedom is of course the basis of all democratic societies which are founded upon Judeo-Christian principles. These principles stem from the Torah, the book of Isaiah, the book of Proverbs and the Gospels. When George Orwell penned his now infamous novel of a coming technocratic dystopia in sharp contrast to the statues of true democracy, it was a society in which ‘everyone’ and ‘everything’ was monitored on a continual basis. But little did Orwell know that almost 68 years after he wrote the novel, ‘1984’, his envisioned technocracy would be well on its way to completion in our present day and age. The cold hard truth is that right now, as George stated, “Big Brother truly is watching you” and video cameras literally capture our every move, just as they did in Orwell’s sinister novel. Even your credit cards have recently had RFID chips installed in them and now provide a far greater level of intrusion via increased surveillance sophistication, unlike the credit card companies of yesteryear.” – Pastor Carl

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