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Did Jesus Exist?

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“This broadcast is in response to a documentary I recently watched from the UK in which a so-called, “religious expert” had stated in a publicly televised debate, “there was no evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed!” This wasn’t ‘Brexit’ but apparently the complete exit of Jesus from Europe’s history books! Frankly, I nearly fell off my chair upon hearing this false claim and having been born in the UK, my blood started to boil. This woman denied that Christ ever existed…at all! Which is definitely a counterfactual statement rooted in either ignorance at best or perhaps nefarious Gnosticism at the very worst (1 John 4:3). Despite numerous so called ‘Christians’ being present in this live debate, I was most perturbed that not one of them confronted this so called ‘expert’s’ ignorance. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for education but we shouldn’t educate ourselves at the expense of common sense and sound judgment. Let’s do our homework before we spout out a level of ignorance which frankly embarrasses someone holding the credentials of a scholar, reputedly at the Doctoral level.” – Pastor Carl

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