Testing vs. Trial

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Did you know that God tests us and it’s scriptural for Him to do so? There’s a tendency for some Christians to think every kind of opposition in their life is ‘from the devil,’ when in fact it could be the Lord refining, chastening or correcting their character issues which need to be addressed. Not every opposition is ‘a work of the devil.’ Yes we need to be cognizant of our enemy’s schemes and devices certainly but we’re also in a perpetual process of being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. We need to know the difference between God’s ‘testing’ and Satan’s ‘trials’ or ‘sifting.’ We must be scripturally balanced and realize that after we’re born again and saved by faith in Christ, we automatically enter into a process of sanctification. During this process God purges away our old habits, so that we’re able to experience more freedom in Christ and finally conquer habitual sin in our lives. Because our God loves us so much, He won’t leave us in our current condition.” – Pastor Carl

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