The Beasts of Daniel Chapter 7

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“The beasts of this chapter represent various brutal World empires that cruelly ravaged the people of God. That’s why these empires are in the form of a ‘beast’ which is a lower being, exhibiting the savagery of an animal and the harsh treatment of God’s people. The first beast was of course Babylon, symbolic of the ‘lion,’ which had Eagle’s wings. If you look at the symbol of Babylon, a lion is without doubt the national symbol of this nation. This first beast is a ‘hybrid,’ having traits of both lion and eagle. The lion of course, is the king of the animal kingdom and the eagle being the head of the bird kingdom. This truly reflects Babylon which was the head of all empires at the time. Notice this animal had its two wings ‘plucked’ and a ‘man’s heart’ was given to it. The plucking of the wings refers to the insanity that King Nebuchadnezzar exhibited and the subsequent humbling he experienced at God’s hand. After spending several years living in the wilderness, the king was eventually converted to Christ and His heart changed; an apt description of a ‘beast’ receiving a ‘man’s heart.'” – Pastor Carl

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