The Coming One World Religion

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Friend there’s a venomous lie sown within the fabric of today’s’ society that all religions worship the same God and that Christ has revealed himself in many different religious forms to all cultures around the world.

Subsequently, the Global hatred and persecution for the true Christian faith is on the rise and even within this nation. Liberal leaders within groups such as the World Council of Churches even have the audacity to call evangelical activity of any kind, both ‘arrogant’ and ‘anti-cultural’, based on this false ecumenical premise, that all religions worship the same God. The truth is friend; all religions do NOT worship the same God. The only one and true God is Yahweh, whose earthly incarnation was his son Jesus Christ, who was also pre-incarnate and became the perfect living sacrifice, sent to redeem humanity from impending judgment and the everlasting fire to come.” – Pastor Carl

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