The Dangers of Buddhism

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Now, it’s is estimated that about 6% of the World’s population are practicing Buddhist’s, which would equate to about 420 million people across the globe. The precise number of followers is difficult to ascertain because of Buddhism’s ability to assimilate itself into any culture and subsequently influence that culture’s underlying beliefs. Primarily Buddhism is practiced mostly in the nations of Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos, Taiwan, China, Japan, Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan, Vietnam and finally Hong Kong. But friend it’s also on the rise within this nation and Europe. It influences more people than you think, especially within the celebrity circus. Let me give you a list now of some celebrities who practice Buddhism and you might be surprised at some of these:- These would include, Jennifer Anniston, Orlando Bloom, Angelina Jolie, John Cleese, Richard Gere, George Lucas, Courtney Love, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Brad Pitt, Oliver Stone, Steve Wynn, Mark Zuckerberg, Keanu Reeves, Steve Jobs, Patrick Duffy and finally Penelope Cruz.” – Pastor Carl

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