The Dangers of Fornication

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“The Lexham Cultural Dictionary defines ‘Fornication’ this way, “the practice of engaging in immoral sexual activity, but especially that which is outside the bounds of a marriage covenant.” Its general meaning refers to ‘any’ and ‘every’ kind of sexual intercourse except between a husband and wife. In other words, any form of sexual activity outside of the marriage covenant is labeled as ‘fornication’ and therefore ‘immoral’ according to the Holy Bible. If you’re a Christian listening to this broadcast, you shouldn’t be engaging in or practicing fornication. If you are, then you’re leaving the door wide open for the devil to set up camp in your life (Eph 4:27). Few realize that when you make love to someone, you’re joining your very soul to that person. If sex is performed outside the sanctity of the marriage covenant, then you’re leaving yourself wide open to relentless spiritual.” – Pastor Carl

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