The Dangers of Freemasonry

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Friend, I want to talk today about something so subversive, so subtle, so pervasive, so prolific that it has infiltrated some of the largest organizations in modern society, including the highest levels of government today. People that you encounter in everyday life are members of this secret society but you would never know unless you knew their secret handshake. This organization of which I speak has secretly guided the hand of nations because within each nation is an undercurrent of men bound to each other by secret oaths, who acknowledge the brotherhood of man and are even willing to sacrifice their morals for the sake of another brother within their organization. I am of course speaking of Freemasonry. The Bible explicitly warns us against taking oaths in secrecy but simply let your yes be yes and your no, be no. Jesus did nothing in secret, he had nothing to hide and He is our example.” – Pastor Carl

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