The Dangers of Kabbalah

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“What on earth is a Pastor talking about Kabbalah for and what exactly is it? Well it’s fast becoming a serious cult in our day and age. When I look at pop stars today compared to when I was growing up, the occultic images and symbolism used within their music videos are rife. I see pyramids, false God’s, all seeing eyes, illuminati symbolism, Egyptian hieroglyphs etc. and the sad fact is our youth are totally blind to the influence of the occult on their lives when viewing these videos or listening to the music. There’s a thirst among the music industry for all things ancient and occultic and that thirst doesn’t seem to be quenched any time soon. I sincerely believe that one of the reasons for this occultic infiltration into the music industry is Kabbalah but certainly not the only reason. Followers of Hollywood Kabbalah, which is one of the three main branches of Kabbalah, often wear a red cotton bracelet around their wrists as a trademark of their membership and you’ll be surprised when I mention shortly, the famous list of celebrities who follow it’s false creed.” – Pastor Carl

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