The Dangers of Mormonism

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Friend, today I’d like to talk about Mormonism or the Latter Day Saint Movement and particularly the dangers of Mormonism because you could argue that of all the cults out there, Mormonism is the most effective counterfeit of biblical Christianity ever devised. Right now there are about 15 million adherents of Mormonism worldwide with roughly 57% of them living outside the United States. These numbers stem from an aggressive form of evangelism, having a very zealous missionary program; in fact they have 18,000 missionaries and growing. They’re well trained and seem to focus more on college towns. Basically Mormonism is run like a giant corporation with a huge annual income. All Mormons are required to give, they are required to tithe their income and have very faithful givers as a result. They also hold to a high moral standard and generally harbor good reputations…” – Pastor Carl

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