The Dangers of Secular Humanism

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“There are four systems of atheism that have wreaked havoc upon humanity since the 19th century. These four so called ‘isms’, are: Positivism, Secularism, Pessimism and Socialism. The focus of this podcast will be the second item on this list, namely Secularism. If one looks this word up in the dictionary, you’ll soon realize it categorizes the complete and utter removal of God from society and the denial of any supernatural element of our existence. For secularists, everything in the universe must be explainable in terms of natural law. The supernatural components of our creation are ignored and of course God is ignored because He’s our supernatural creator. In summary, secular humanism has become the philosophy that ‘man’ is the chief end of man, and that man’s happiness is his supreme purpose. However, Paul Johnson the famous British historian gives us this dire warning, “Christ’s central theme is that God, not man, is the final authority. God has rights, human beings have duties; we deny God His rights at our peril.”… Amen to that! The truth is friend, we are put on this earth to ‘serve,’ and our pivotal focus is not ourselves but serving others is the purpose of our existence.” – Pastor Carl

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