The Dangers of Socialism

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“In this podcast we will discuss the ever present and pervasive dangers of Socialism in our culture. Now I’m pretty sure most of you have heard of Karl Marx, the so called ‘father of Marxism’ also coined as ‘Communism’ or ‘Socialism’ in today’s dialect. But did you know that Karl Marx was a ‘God hater’ and his main aim was to usurp the moral and economic foundations of society, with a pamphlet called the ‘Communist Manifesto?’ Now, Karl Marx was born in Trier, Germany on May 5th 1818 and later died in London, England in March of 1883. His father was a successful lawyer and was devoted to the teachings of Voltaire and Kant. Karl was the oldest surviving boy of nine children and of Jewish descent. What is not commonly known; is that Karl Marx was a professing Christian in his youth and his first book was entitled, The Union of the Faithful with Christ. However beginning in his early 20’s a very sharp ‘U-turn’ was made by Marx in his theological outlook, to the point of abandoning his Christian faith and later embracing full scale Atheism. Proof of his recantation was later revealed in several of his personal poems where he expressed his disdain for almighty God…Cleary any love that Marx had for the Lord Jesus Christ was later turned to repulsion and his Communist Manifesto was written in defiance of his previously held Judeo-Christian values.17″ – Pastor Carl

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