The Dangers of Theosophy

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Theosophy means, “wisdom of God” or “divine wisdom.” It’s an odd combination of several things, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Spiritualism and Gnosticism because its founder was heavenly influenced by all these religions in her travels. Though this cult uses Christian terminology to communicate mystical Eastern concepts to a Western audience, it vehemently opposes every major tenet of biblical Christianity as I will explain shortly. Now the modern movement of Theosophy began in the 19th century through the efforts of Helena Petrova Blavatsky. She is without doubt, the most influential person in the Occult Sciences of the 19th Century. She was born in the Ukraine in 1831, with the name von Hahn-Rottenstern and was a very sensitive child, often sleep-walking and suffered from hallucinations. At an early age Helena became interested in black magic and the occult and this lady is now infamous within occult circles.” – Pastor Carl

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