The Fear of the Lord

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Let me ask you; is it a good thing to have a ‘fear of the Lord?’…Well the term, ‘fear of the Lord’ is mentioned 30 times in scripture and the vast majority of occurrences are in the Old Testament. But there are however, well over one hundred references to the fear of God in a positive sense. Now what does it really mean to have a “fear of God” or a “fear of the Lord?” Well the word ‘fear’ in Hebrew is usually either pa-khad or yir-ah. Pa-khad means ‘terror’, ‘dread’ or the literal emotion of fear that one experiences in dangerous situations. The other Hebrew term for ‘fear’ is yir-ah and in contrast means ‘piety’, ‘a state of reverence’, ‘worship’ or ‘awesomeness.’ So which one of these definitions best describes the reverential fear we should harbor for our Father in Heaven? The answer is both.” – Pastor Carl

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