The Gift of Faith

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“As mentioned in my introductory broadcast of the spiritual gifts, ‘the gift of faith,’ is the first of the three power gifts. Let’s be very clear from the outset that faith could be described as the ‘currency of God’s Kingdom.’ Firstly, there’s ‘saving faith’ granted to each man to enter the kingdom of God as outlined in Rom 12:3. We also know that faith can increase in one’s life by hearing the word of God over and over which Romans 10:17 makes very clear. Jude 20 also demonstrates that faith can be built upon by ‘praying in the Holy Ghost,’ but none of these attributes of faith can be included within the jurisdiction of ‘the gift of faith.’ ‘The gift of faith’ is unique because it’s given supernaturally for a period of time, in contrast to ‘general’ or ‘saving faith’ mentioned in the Book of Romans. It’s a gift given to the believer in order that he or she might receive miracles in their life. ” – Pastor Carl

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