The Gift of Healing

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Did you notice the scripture says ‘gifts’ of healing, plural, instead of ‘gift’ as the other spiritual gifts are categorized? It’s written this way because there are various classes of sickness or disease and consequently, there are various classes of healing to counter these various categories of sickness. Let’s start out by saying; the ‘gifts of healing’ have nothing to do with medical science or human learning. Think about it, Luke who wrote the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts was a medical doctor and went with the Apostle Paul on several of his missionary journeys. Luke was even with Paul when he was shipwrecked and they were on the island of Melita together, in the Mediterranean. However, nothing is said about Luke ministering to the people on the island with his medical knowledge. But the father in law of the chief man of the island was sick and Paul laid hands on him and he was healed supernaturally!” – Pastor Carl

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