The Gift of the Word of Knowledge

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Today we will focus upon ‘the gift of the word of knowledge.’ Now there’s no mention of ‘the gift of knowledge’ in the Bible specifically, as some surmise. Like I said before, God can empower you with wisdom or knowledge as outlined in Daniel 1:17, where Daniel and his three friends were bestowed with ‘knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom.’ But today I’m talking about ‘the gift of the word of knowledge,’ as outlined in first Corinthians chapter twelve. Remember, ‘the word of knowledge’ falls under the umbrella of the ‘revelation gifts.’ The three revelation gifts are ‘the word of wisdom’, the ‘word of knowledge’ and ‘the discerning of spirits’ because when these gifts are in operation, they ‘reveal’ something to us. The gift of ‘the word of knowledge’ by definition is, ‘supernatural revelation by the Holy Ghost of certain facts in the mind of God, concerning the past or present, but not the future.'” – Pastor Carl

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