The Gift of the Word of Wisdom

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Every gift works according to the Holy Spirit, not our spirit. We’re not working or manipulating the spiritual gifts, but we allow the Holy Spirit to manifest them through us by making ourselves available and receptive to His unction. However, if people have wrongly judged these gifts, as no longer in operation today or are in complete ignorance of them, they’ll not work through them. God works through willing vessels. We have to be careful because sometimes we may want to operate in a certain gift but the Holy Spirit does not want us to, therefore, we must always yield to His desires. In other words to one person, ‘the word of wisdom’ may be given and to another person ‘the word of knowledge’, and to another person ‘the gift of faith’ and so on, but we don’t personally choose which gifts are going to manifest. The Holy Spirit divides these gifts between us as He wills, not as we will it. In fact there are some gifts people may operate in often and there are some gifts a person may never operate in, during their lifetime.” – Pastor Carl

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