The Gift of the Working of Miracles

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Spiritual gifts work through our lives as God wills them, however we must make ourselves available and have the courage to be utilized by the Lord, in order for them to operate scripturally. Also, if we’re ignorant of spiritual gifts then we’ll have no knowledge of their working, and inevitably their manifestation will become greatly restricted in our lives. Remember what the Apostle Paul said, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant” 1 Cor 12:1. We should not be ignorant of these wonderful gifts, or their administration, that’s why I’ve provided you Biblical examples of their specific operation in these broadcasts and examples in my own life, of where the Lord has used me in their operation. In another instance Paul said 1 Cor 12:31, “But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way,” and again in 1 Cor 14:1, “Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts.” We are supposed to desire the spiritual gifts. Covet is a strong word and this is the only place in the Bible where we’re told to ‘covet’ anything.” – Pastor Carl

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