The Good Shepherd – John Chapter 10

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Jesus is described as the ‘Good Shepherd’ because He cares for the sheep. In scripture we are a part of His sheepfold and are identified as ‘sheep.’ In contrast, the unbelievers are described as goats. Sheep unfortunately are not the smartest animals in the world. They’re unable to defend themselves from predators and often stray into pastures that contain poisonous shrubs. The Good Shepherd watches over His vulnerable sheep and comes to their rescue at opportune times when ravenous wolves come near or when they’re about to eat the wrong food. Because of these threats the sheep (that’s us) must become intimately acquainted with the voice of the Good Shepherd in order to avoid danger. If we don’t, then we could become susceptible to ‘thieves’ or even the ‘false doctrines’ that wolves often bring. I urge you today to become acquainted with the Good Shepherd, the author of ‘abundant life.'” – Pastor Carl

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