The Names of God

Here’s a teaching snippet:

“Within this theme of ‘names,’ there are the names of God in English, the Hebrew names of God, then there’s about 33 names for the Holy Spirit in scripture, and finally for Christ alone, there are 117 names for Him also! The subject of names is very extensive and one broadcast isn’t enough to cover it all! I will certainly discuss all these other names at another time, so stay tuned but today we’ll focus directly upon the names of ‘God the Father.’ Now, we no longer hold names in high esteem as humanity once did in times of antiquity. ‘Back in the day,’ a name really meant something. You were granted a name by your parents because in Biblical times, it was arguably a prophetic expression of what the child would become or achieve in his lifetime. In the past, names also identified the character or nature of the person.” – Pastor Carl

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